LaTex modern CV

How to setup latex using tinytex

Aurélien Ginolhac


March 26, 2018

tlmgr and tinytex

install missing packages

tlmgr install moderncv
tlmgr install xcolor
tlmgr install colortbl
tlmgr install fancyhdr
tlmgr install microtype
tlmgr install pgf # to install tikz
tlmgr install textgreek
tlmgr install fontawesome
tlmgr install lastpage
tlmgr install marvosym 
tlmgr install greek-fontenc
tlmgr install babel-greek
tlmgr update --self --all
tlmgr path add

issue with fontawesome

  • reload / install fonts fmtutil-sys --all

side effect, the Roboto condensed for Robert Rudis, ggplot2 theme is now working nicely!

solve issue of NFSS corrupted

following this answer:

the error was completed with For encoding scheme LGR the defaults cmr/m/n do not form a valid font shape

tlmgr install cbfonts

allows to get the Greek letters working. Why the greek-fontenc and babel-greek was not sufficient? I don’t know


  • bibliography from pubmed to .bib using as biblio.bib
  • fix gamma character {I}{F}{N}γ responses to {I}{F}{N}{$\gamma$} responses
  • first compilation, generate biblio.aux
  • in plainyr_rev.bst, specify "Ginolhac, A" so my name gets underlined and bolded
  • run bibtex biblio to generate biblio.bbl
  • second compilation to generate the pdf