Karate tabs


July 26, 2014

Geoff Farina (De Paul University)

This page is dedicated to tabs from the band karate made by fans. These tabs came from the original website (today offline) made by Willem Holthuis.
Geoff Farina is the Karate’s guitarist, many thanks to him for writing such nice songs. Have fun playing the incredible music made by Karate and please feel free to correct the tabs by sending an email to his author if you find any mistakes or new interpretations.

Sticker from Numero Group 215

In the Fisk tank (2005)

Song Author
Strange Fruit Aurelien

Pockets (2004)

Song Author
With Age Tomatokiller
Tow Truck Aurelien & Philip Tanimura
Water Mito Gegic
The State I’m in aka Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park Mito Gegic
Pines Aurelien

Some boots (2002)

Song Author
Original Spies Philip Tanimura
First Release Aurelien Ginolhac & Philip Tanimura
Airport Philip Tanimura
Corduroy Philip Tanimura
Remain Relaxed Philip Tanimura & Aurelien

Cancel / Sing (2001)

Song Author
Sing Philip Tanimura

Unsolved (2000)

Song Author
Small Fires Philip Tanimura
The lived-but-yet-named Philip Tanimura
Sever Philip Tanimura
The Roots and the Ruins Philip Tanimura
The Roots and the Ruins (bass) Craig Wynne
Number Six Craig Wynne
Number Six (bass) Craig Wynne
One Less Blues Aurelien & Antoine L.
The Angels Just Have to Show Aurelien & Antoine L.
The Halo of the Strange Aurelien & Philip Tanimura
This Day Next Year Philip Tanimura
This Day Next Year (solo) Craig Wynne

The Bed is in the Ocean (1998)

Song Author
There are Ghosts Philip Tanimura
Diazapam Philip Tanimura
The Last Wars Philip Tanimura
Bass Sound Aurelien
Up nigths Aurelien
The Same Stars Philip Tanimura
Outside is the Drama Philip Tanimura
Fatal Strategies Aurelien

In Place of Real Insight (1997)

Song Author
New Martini EeYoRe
Bass Sound Aurelien
Today or Tomorrow Aurelien
This Plus Slow Song Craig Wynne

Operation Sand (1997)

Song Author
Operation Sand Philip Tanimura

Karate (1995)

Song Author
If You Can Hold Your Breath Pete DeStefano
Every Sister Philip Tanimura
Caffeine or Me? Philip Tanimura